Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Sarongs is a beach wear used in south pacific areas|Surong|kanga

             Sarongs from the South Pacific islands of Tahiti and Hawaii they are called ‘Pareos’ and in the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Malyasia and Indonesia they are called ‘Surong’.

A similar garment in India is a ‘Sri’ and in Africa it is known as a ‘Kanga’.

Whichever part of the world sarongs are worn they consist of a length of fabric which is wrapped and tied around the body at the waist or arms.

Worn by both men and women they are widely used by many as an essential part of daily life.

  Potential drawbacks of dresses include being either too long or cumbersome for the performance of some physical activities such as climbing stairs or ladders.

In addition, some dress styles, particularly those with back closures, can be difficult or even impossible to don or remove without assistance.


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