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Monday, 26 September 2011

Casuals:day-to-day clothing...

            With changing Fashion has categorized itself in various categories:-' Casual wear’, ‘formal wear’, ‘ethnic wear’, 'traditional wear', 'contemporary wear’, ‘designer wear’. Fashion has always changed with passing time. As it’s well said that “fashion is not static.” 

            Casuals though the most used and common category of fashion has transformed itself with this passing time .‘Casual wears’ has changed its style and looks from what it was in it’s earlier 80s- 90s .Casuals have become more trendy and smart in this modern world. The best update of ‘fashion’ is always kept by the youth .They mold themselves so well with the changing world that they are ready to experiment anything .

           Casual wear has changed it’s appearance in most of the ways like the cuts ,colors, styles, texture of the garment from what it was earlier. Materials like denim, cotton, hand loom ,corduroy , Lycra and synthetics soon made marks in the present fashion industry .Outfits like khakis, Capri, Kurtis , churidars, t-shirts, skirts , jeans all became part of the ‘casual wear ‘.

          With this growing range of fashion people became more choosy of what they need. They became more and more conscious of the colors, the styles, the textures and materials leading to brand names. ‘Brand names ‘does play a vital role in the ‘fashion’ industry. Brands are so well defined that it has been identified with certain clothing like –jeans, khakis, t-shirts, Kurtis, Capri, etc.
      ‘Casual wear ‘ which evolved itself from the late 90s will continue to adapt to the new changes as time passes away .As far as people are ready to experiment with fashion , the fashion industry will also cater up to their needs of making new trends, styles and comfort clothing.
            Casual wear is the dress code which emphasizes comfort and personal expression over presentation and uniformity. The casual dress of the women of Kerala at home is the sari preferably hand loom or cotton with colored borders or print. The blouse matching to the sari border is worn as the upper garment. But in modern times Ladies wear a gown called Nighty that is a relic of the western gown; it is used both during day time and night time. As this is an easy wear to use at home it has found general acceptance.  For casual clothing the best approach is three colors for the best mix-and-match wardrobe - khaki, denim, tan; black, khaki, white; etc.

              The casual wear of men in Kerala especially at home is the lungi that comes with a variety of colors. It is worn in two ways. The Muslims tie it on their left side of their waist where as the Hindus and Christian tie in on the right side of their waist. It is a long piece and when allowed to fall it reaches the feet of the wearer. The upper garment is a shirt with full or half sleeved, preferably white or any other color.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Famous Fashion Designer,fashion croqui


Ritu Kumar is the largest & most respected designer brand in India today. Since
1969 she has developed a unique style of her own,reflecting the ancient traditions
of Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary vocabulary. Her understanding of
ancient designs and the innovative use of traditional crafts has created a new
classicism. The company is renowned for its distinctive use of colors, quality of
fabrics, intricate embroideries and a gloriously rich Indian aesthetic.

Mrs. Kumar became the first woman to introduce the boutique in Indian culture
under the brand name RITU KUMAR. Her work is constantly evolving within an aesthetic
which is sophisticated both in the eastern and western sense, with each of her
collections making a contemporary statement in a fast changing modern India.
The Brand Ritu Kumar has been retailing in Europe and India since 1970s. The
products include couture, formal pret accessories and a fashion forward sub brand
called LABEL, Ritu Kumar.
Currently Ritika Pvt. Limited operates two main production centers Gurgaon and
Calcutta. Factories are equipped within house printing, tailoring, finishing and
quality control facilities. It self runs and franchises retail outlets under the label.

Ritu pioneering work in reviving master craftsmanship has earned her several
accolades including the French Honor "chevalier des arts et des lettres, a
knighthood was awarded to her by French government in recognition of her
contribution to Indian textile crafts and her interaction with French fashion world.
She has also been graced with the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini award  for her
achievements and contribution in the field of fashion. Mother Teresa, Birju Maharaj,
Pt. Hari Prasad were previous recipients of this prestigious award.

In October 1999 Christies of London published Ritu Kumar's book The Costumes and
Textiles of Royal India a definitive chronicle of the history of India's royal
patronage to textile arts down the centuries starting with the historical context of
Mohenjo Daro to the present era of vintage royalty. The book is an academic fashion history text which has become a key reference for its field in India

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Latest Salwar Kameez in Fashion

             Salwar kameez is a very old traditional wear in Mid-Asia since Medieval periodIt is worn mainly by muslim womens. Since then is in fashion till the age, all castes and tradition wears this amazing salwar kameez.
Salwar kameez is also known as Salwar kurta,Shalwar kameez,Arabian qamis etc...
It is worn in mostly all the states and regions of India many other countries.

Old traditional salwar kameez
chudhidar kameez

Patiala Salwar kameez


Patiala kurta

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Indian Traditional Wear- Sarees

                 Sarees make women beautiful .Every Indian women look very graceful in sarees.It is a unique costume which is worn in every corner of India and many other countries.

               A sari or saree is a strip of unstitched cloth, worn by female, ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles.It is popular in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma, and Malaysia. The most common style is for the sari to be wrapped around the waist, with one end then draped over the shoulder baring the midriff.
               The sari is usually worn over a petticoat with a blouse known as a choli or ravika forming the upper garment. The choli has short sleeves and a low neck and is usually cropped, and as such is particularly well-suited for wear in the sultry South Asian summers. Cholis may be backless or of a halter neck style. These are usually more dressy with plenty of embellishments such as mirrors or embroidery, and may be worn on special occasions. Women in the armed forces, when wearing a sari uniform, don a short-sleeved shirt tucked in at the waist. The sari developed as a garment of its own in both South and North India at around the same time, and is in popular culture an epitome of Indian culture.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Be in-touch with changing fashion

       Fashion not only means clothes but also accessories . Clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry and beauty products all constitute today's fashion trends. As far as clothes are concerned, fashion is based on fabric,colour,pattern,syles,cuts,seams,etc.. Fashion trends change according to the season. For example, during summers mainly light colour or cool colour and light fabrics are worn. In winter ,the preferred color ranges are the darker and brighter ones and the fabric is heavier. These variations also apply to beauty fashion trends. Lipsticks and nail polishes for the summer are usually lighter in range and in winter it is darker with glitter and shine to go with festivities. 
      So season plays a very important role in changing fashion.Apart from season cultural ocassion and tradition also is very important in fashion world.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

What is fashion??

                    Fashion is a perfect terminology for a currently popular style and practice,fashion is described espicially in clothing,footwear or accessories.Fashion refers to anything that is the current trend in look and dress up of a person.The more specific term 'costume' has become so linked with the public eye with the term 'fashion' that the more general term 'costume' has in popular senses like fancy dress or masquerade wear whereas the word 'fashion' implies only clothing,generally, and the study of it.
          In very simple words Fashion is something which make you stand above the crowd.....

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