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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Shirt dress,Collar dress

A shirtdress is a style of dress which borrows details from a man's shirt.

 These can include a collar, a button front, or cuffed sleeves.

Often, these dresses are made up in crisp fabrics like cotton or silk, much like a men's dress shirt would be.

As they are typically cut without a seam at the waist, these dresses often have a looser fit, usually relying on a belt to define the waist.

Button fronts and a forgiving fit make this a flattering look for most body types.

Friday, 17 February 2012

Knitted Fabric|Knitwear,Elastic clothes

KNIT WEAR:         
        Compared to the other two classes, knitted fabrics are much more elastic, which accounts for their historical use in stockings and other clothing that requires changes in shape.

 Hence, dresses and lingerie made from knitted fabrics can be more form-fitting than counterparts made from a woven fabric.

 The elasticity of knitted fabrics gives them an excellent drape, but this is opposed somewhat by their generally greater thickness compared to wovens. Thus, the turn of the cloth (i.e., the maximum curvature of a fold of the fabric) is generally finer in woven fabrics than in knitted fabrics. For this reason, knitted fabrics resist wrinkles better than wovens, but do not generally take a crease.

 The most common fibres used for knitted fabrics are cotton & viscose with or without elastane, these tend to be single jersey construction and are used for most t-shirt style tops.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Jumpsuits is a common term for any one-piece garment with sleeves and legs.

             The original skydivers' jumpsuits were simple garments designed to insulate the body from the cold of high altitudes and minimize risk of covering important handles and grips.

 Today, however, the garment has found other use.

            Jumpsuit originally referred to the utilitarian one-piece garments used by parachuters/skydivers, but has come to be used as a common term for any one-piece garment with sleeves and legs.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fashion Shows held in across the world,what is a Fashion show

A fashion show is an event put on by a fashion designer to showcase his or her upcoming line of clothing during Fashion Week.

Fashion shows debut every season, particularly the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons.

This is where the latest fashion trends are made.

The two most influential fashion weeks are Paris Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, which are both semiannual events.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Tunic or Kurti is day to day wear in asiatic countries

Tunic have become the most common trendy wear in the recent years.

Girls and women prefer Indian bollywood Fashion   Kurtis   and   Tunics for their daily use. 

Designer Kurti, Embroidery Tunic and Cotton Kurtas  are good for collage and office use. So, to satisfy our client needs, we have got trendy collections of kurtis.

These are not just trendy but attractive in design and enriches your beauty. 

 A tunic is any of several types of clothing for the body, of various lengths reaching from the shoulders to somewhere between the hips and the ankles.

The name derives from the Latin tunica commonly worn by both men and women in Ancient Rome, which in turn is based on earlier Greek garments.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Qipao|Cheongsam ia chinese dress for women.

     The cheongsam is a body-hugging one-piece Chinese dress for women; the male version is the changshan. It is known in Mandarin Chinese as the qipao.

 The stylish and often tight-fitting cheongsam or qipao that is most often associated with today was created in the 1920s in Shanghai and was made fashionable by socialites and upperclass women.

 When the Manchu ruled China during the Qing Dynasty, certain social strata emerged. Among them were the Banners (), mostly Manchu, who as a group were called Banner People.

Manchu women typically wore a one-piece dress that retrospectively came to be known as the qipao. The generic term for both the male and the female forms of Manchu dress, essentially similar garments, was changpao.

Sarongs is a beach wear used in south pacific areas|Surong|kanga

             Sarongs from the South Pacific islands of Tahiti and Hawaii they are called ‘Pareos’ and in the Southeast Asian countries of Thailand, Malyasia and Indonesia they are called ‘Surong’.

A similar garment in India is a ‘Sri’ and in Africa it is known as a ‘Kanga’.

Whichever part of the world sarongs are worn they consist of a length of fabric which is wrapped and tied around the body at the waist or arms.

Worn by both men and women they are widely used by many as an essential part of daily life.

  Potential drawbacks of dresses include being either too long or cumbersome for the performance of some physical activities such as climbing stairs or ladders.

In addition, some dress styles, particularly those with back closures, can be difficult or even impossible to don or remove without assistance.

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