Friday, 4 May 2012

Turkish Traditional dress|Turkish fashion and tradition

 Turkish folk dress

The Turks made use of a wide variety of materials to create their costumes. They were very particular about their clothing and were fond of using exquisite materials. Cotton and woolen fabric would be specially woven on handlooms and they would import fine quality silk from China.


The trademark attire of the Turkish people is both fashionable and functional. This had to be so because the daily mode of transport was the horse, hence they needed to be wearing a costume that would enable them to ride horses with comfort and ease. This is why there is a striking resemblance between the clothes that were worn by women and those worn by men.

A special kind of head covering was also worn by the Turks. Made out of sheepskin or fur the head covering known as Bashlyks was meant to offer protection against cold. They were also considered to be symbols of high status amongst the locals.

With the expansion of the Ottoman Empire even more cultures and customs made their way into Turkey. In fact Turkey established a massive textile industry in many of its states such as Busra, Istanbul, Konya and Denizli and in many ways became the fashion capital of the time.


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The jewelry and the embroidery, as well as the material, on second photograph is actually Turkmen.

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