Monday, 30 April 2012

Traditional dress of Gujarat|Gujarati Folk dress|Gujarati wear

Gujarati folk dress:

           The commonest type of dress worn by males in rural areas consists of cotton drawers called `chorno` and a short `kediyu` or `angarakhu` covering the upper part of the body. Most of the people especially agriculturists still continue to put on the typical head dress, thickly folded `phento` or turban.

           Women in villages put on `chaniyo` the coloured petticoat often embroidered with `abhala` or glass pieces, a similarly embroidered blouse or bodice called as `choli` or `polku` along with `odhani`, a coloured piece of coarse cloth covering the body and the head. Elderly males of higher classes put on `dhoti` (waistcloth) and `kafani` or `peharan` (shirt)

            Along with these colorful attires, women adorn themselves in sparkling ornaments such as a ring known as ‘Vinti’ (ring) worn on fingers, silver ‘Kandora’ worn round the waist and ‘Kanthi’ worn round the neck. The tribal women of Gujarat deck themselves from head to toe with silver jewelleries.

           The traditional attire of Gujarati men is dhoti, that is a long cotton cloth wrapped around the waist, and long or short coat with a turban. The popular dress worn by rural males is cotton drawers known as ‘Chorno’, a short rounded kurta known as “Kediyu” or “Angarakhu” that is used to cover the upper part of the body, along with thickly folded turban called ‘Phento”.

         Higher class men put on ‘Dhoti’ teamed with shirt known as “Peharan” or “Kafani”. Nowadays, instead of wearing traditional outfits, men also dress themselves in modern apparels such as shirt and trouser.
The unique dressing and the vibrant hues of the outfits add color as well as vitality to the surrounding.


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