Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Information of Fashion

It is a manner of way doing something very stylish which is popular at that given time.It is not necessary that a particular wear which is popular today will also be in same position tomorrow.It totally depends on the people or masses for how long particular style has to be accepted.

It is a process of expressing the ideas by using some materials and tools is called Designing,It is way of scheming or planning a work by drawing or sketching to show how the thing is to be made.It is a general form of arrangement of different lines or shapes forming a decoration of your ideas

  • Fashion should be designed from customer's point of view: As fashion changes from time to time it also changes from person to person.Current ideal fashion should be taken into consideration.Designing is interpreted differently for each figure or body.While designing a dress of a customer his knowledge is to be seen i.e., age image, ocassion, lifestyle and income.

  • Fashion should be well balanced:To keep fashion well balanced in market,it is necessary to take care of colour,line,shape,texture,form,pattern etc.
  • Fashion should be attractive: The dress should be designed in such a way that it should fascinate and charm the customerby its appearance that is designs,colour,print or pattern.


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