Monday, 9 April 2012

Traditional dress of Assam|Assamese traditional dress

 Tradition of Assam

Traditionally men folk of plains wear mill- made dhuties and small or big sized sola/fatua (shirt) and vest or eri-chaddar. In villages, rich men use headgear. They use japi (hat) while working in paddy fields. The young boys use dhuti, genji only on some occasions but they prefer using western dresses.

The Assamese wear bare foot. The Assamese ladies enter the kitchen bare foot.
 The Assamese young boys use on occasion`s headgears with their gomacha, which they tie to their hip, especially when they are dancing in Bihu to cover the waist with the dhuti.

Some young men use Khaddar clothes. AssamAssamese women use riha-mekhela-Sadar.
The long flowing skirt up to the ankles is known as mekhela and the upper garment riha. The red coloured pattern at the end of the riha is graceful and symbolic.

 Designs are also found in the pari (border) of mekhela and riha. It is said that the dress of mehkela and the riha chaddar has been adopted from the Tibetan and Burmese women.


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